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Lux in Latin


Intentional jewelry made with healing crystals


let there be lux

Lux means 'light' in Latin. Our light shines brightest when we are living with love, intention, gratitude and meaning. Crystals provide a gentle, but tangible support system for all our endeavors. In the form of amulets, talisman or jewelry, Crystals have been engaged in healing, transformation and intention work throughout history, all over the world.

Each Crystal variety carries its own set of properties, operating at different vibrational frequencies. These can protect, ground, energize, comfort, calm, elevate, deflect and/or manifest. Crystals do their best healing when held or worn on the body, ideal in the form of jewelry. Crystal magic attunes positively with the body’s energy field or chakras, also known as Chi, Prana and Jiva.

Each of our journeys’ are personal. Enjoy these light filled amulets to support you on your path. Wear individually or stack in multiples, the Lux in Latin collection has been designed to accessorize your Soul and your wardrobe.