My Tribe

My Tribe


Crystal Quartz, Smokey Quartz,
Golden Hematite, Feather Charm

Deeply protective & grounding Smokey Quartz deflects, neutralizes, & absorbs negativity. Soothes worry and supports during times of misfortune, or when faced with seemingly impossible obstacles.

We all need our Tribe!

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All Lux in Latin offerings are made with semi-precious stones and gold-plated charms, each including an intention card and gift box.

Crafted by hand with materials from the Earth, designs may have slight variations in color, shape, size and pattern.

Each healing amulet is cleansed, blessed, and programmed to manifest your desired outcomes. Once worn, these will absorb your unique energy and will start working right away.

Sturdy enough for every day use, keep out of water and occasionally cleanse with sage, sunlight, moonlight or Crystal Quartz.

Enjoy, heal & blessings be with you.