Lux in Latin began simply enough, with an effort to provide a small token of comfort for a good friend that was grieving the passing of her beloved dog. The piece, which I later called 'Love Matters,' was made with crystals I connected with feelings of serenity and love. It seemed to genuinely inspire calm and tranquility for my friend, helping her to gain some peace. And it looked beautiful.

Seeing this effect moved me to experiment and to delve deeper into the healing power of crystals. I had felt their positive effects in my own struggles with trauma, depression and anxiety, and I wanted to offer this to others. Creating jewelry that combined healing intentions with elegant style soon became a hobby, and as I received more feedback from those enjoying my creations, it became a passion.

I aspire to live artfully, with appreciation for design, fashion and decor. My artistic interests led to a BA in Creative Arts and a career in art education with museums and public schools. But making something with my hands, jewelry in particular, has always been my happiest place. This collection is a product of my journey of creative expression, personal growth and spiritual awakening. I feel privileged and grateful to share it, especially if it helps someone find strength with any universal struggles we face. Every design is set with intentions related to the healing properties of the combined stones. As we do work on ourselves, the intimate energy of these amulets can boost and support our efforts.

Blessings on your path and may the Light always shine where you need it most.

Nelya Hochleutner

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